Hamburg: Bike riding lessons for adults in Hamburg-Winterhude

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Learn cycling with Felicitas

Category: Course of beginners
Participant: All

Venue: Jugendtreff Jarrestadt
Instructor: Felicitas Gierse
Organizer: Felicitas Gierse in cooperation with Jugendtreff Jarrestadt
Registration email:
Registration phone: 040 – 18 14 33 32
Registration link:

Fee: Rate for 60 minutes personal training: 50,00 Euros (no extra costs)
Details of course:
Do you want to learn from scratch how to ride a bike?
We offer individual bicycle riding training for adults who have not had the opportunity to learn how to ride a bicycle yet. In our courses you can learn cycling in a calm environment, step by step, at your speed. Starting off with kick bikes/scooters for adults and continuing with small bicycles we develop the feeling for balance on a bike and progress by doing a lot of different pleasant exercises to riding a larger bike.
Kick bikes and bicycles for the course will be provided.

Are you able to ride a bike, but feel technically unsafe?
Then benefit from a training which will help you to improve your capability of taking turns, slowing down, looking behind you, riding one handed and further more.
You can bring your own bike if you wish to do so.

Do you feel safe on a bicycle but worry about cycling in the streets because of the traffic?
You can learn competent and safe road behavior in this course. We start with the introduction of the German traffic rules for cyclists and do a couple of exercises on cycling technique. Then we ride in the streets of Hamburg and pay attention to difficult situations in order to learn how to avoid risks.
You bring your own bike.

General information:
Rate for 60 minutes personal training: 50,00 Euros (no extra costs)
Are you a student or have a low income? Contact me for a lower rate.
Absolute beginners usually need 9 hours to learn bike riding well.

The training takes place in quite car free places in Hamburg-Winterhude

Please contact me for further details.
Send an email to or call me (phone 040 – 18 14 33 32). I’ll be pleased to answer your questions.